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Mr. Amit Rao resigns as Chairman and Mr Sanjay Seth is appointed as Managing Director.

Cryo-Genie is hiring and seeking distributors/stockists in Delhi, Bengal and Northern India. Please see the careers page



Cryo-Genie India Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 1993 in New Delhi by a small group of researchers and medical doctors to provide physicians and their patients with safe and specialised services in the field of sperm processing and semen preservation.

MainCryo-Genie has since been constantly striving to meet the challenge of keeping pace with new technologies in the fast changing field of reproductive medecine and is committed to bringing these technologies to physicians and their patients at reasonable cost. The team was headed by Dr. Bhashini Rao, a biophysicist with vast international experience. She passed away in October of 2006 but we continue to be dedicated to her vision of quality and service. .

  Late Dr. Bhashini Rao



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