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Mr. Amit Rao resigns as Chairman and Mr Sanjay Seth is appointed as Managing Director.

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With the increasing spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in India and other countries, the importance of using properly tested and quarantined semen, for the treatment of infertility, has gained great importance. In most developed countries, the use of fresh untested semen for donor insemination has been discontinued to prevent the spread of these diseases through insemination procedures. Responding to this situation, Cryo-Genie has set up cryobanks to provide ready-to-use frozen semen samples for donor insemination. These samples are screened and quarantined to ensure safe donor insemination. Stringent criteria are used to select donors and semen samples are processed and preserved under optimized conditions. All the records of semen samples and donors are meticulously maintained under strict confidentiality. Cryobanks also provide facilities for autopreservation when, for medical or other reasons, patients may want to consider semen storage for future use. Furthermore, all cryobanks provide special andrological services in the field of reproductive medicine

Frozen Donor Semen Samples

* Ready to be used for intra-uterine insemination , no further processing required.
* Delivered in liquid nitrogen.
* Each vial contains a minimum of 20 million motile sperms with good progressive motility.
* Minimum six months quarantine maintained.
* Quality control reports available upon request.
* Donor selection based on educational qualifications, medical examination and genetic history.
* Donor screened for HIV, VDRL, HBsAg, HCV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.
* Donor blood group and physical characteristics available for matching.
* Multiple insemination with same donor samples possible.


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