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Mr. Amit Rao resigns as Chairman and Mr Sanjay Seth is appointed as Managing Director.

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Sperm Processing is the cornerstone for intra-uterine insemination and other assisted reproductive techniques. Cryo-Genie offers ready-to-use kits which enable gynecologists to process semen even in modest clinical set-ups without elaborate laboratory facilities. The kits are safe, efficient, economical and convenient to use. Each kit is designed for processing of one semen sample; therefore, there is no chance of cross contamination or change of pH. The shelf life of the kit is 12 months when stored at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

All the media undergo biological quality assurance tests after preparation. The results of all the tests are available upon request. Tests done are: pH, Osmolarity, sterility, endotoxin levels, sperm survival tests ... etc.

The kits are produced in ISO 9001:2000 certified, state-of-the-art facilities in compliance with cGMP standards specified by the WHO.

Advantages of Cryo-Genie Media products:

  • Ready to use for laboratory convenience.
  • Packaged in single-use ampoules, avoiding contamination of left-over media.
  • Formulated with components designed to improve product stability and longer shelf-life.
  • Biological quality assurance testing of all media batches and packaging materials, including endotoxin level, pH, osmolarity and sterility.

There is a choice of two kits:

Cryo-Prep 1


This consists of a set of two ampoules. One contains Cryo-Prep 1solution for density separation and the other Cryo-Wash solution for washing and incubation of sperm. Cryo-Prep is a solution of coated colloidal silica particles in HEPES-buffered HAM F-10 for density centrifugation. Cryo-Wash is modified HAM F-10 solution with HEPES buffer and other capacitating factors.




Cyro -Prep 2

CP - 90



Cryo-prep density solution effectively removes contaminants left behind by other sperm wash methods, yielding a sample that contains mostly motile sperm almost free from dead and abnormal sperms, round cells and debris. The procedure is effective for high or low count semen specimens. It is also effective in highly viscous samples and sample need not be treated with enzymes for liquefaction. Cryo-prep sperm processing kit provides a highly efficient , fast and cost effective method of processing sperm samples for procedures like  IVF and ICSI . CP 45% and CP 90% solutions 1.0ml each for density gradient preparation.

CP - 45



HAM - F-10 - SPM


Wash solution 5.0ml.


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